Tackling UX copy one lipsum at a time

Yesterday I wrote about taking a stab at something you weren’t sure about. I had in mind a UX and wireframe problem I was trying to solve, but it could ... [continue]

Making progress with assumptions

Working on some early-stage wireframes recently I came to a crossroad – choose to skip over some pieces where I don’t have full information yet, or make a couple ... [continue]

Patterns of 10X content

I first head about 10X content from a great Moz article titled Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die. It means content that’s ten times better than the top result on ... [continue]

Pomodoro is one of those foolish-sounding productivity things that actually works for me

I hesitated to write this because some of these productivity things sound like something you’d see on Dr. Oz. But I digress. Pomodoro is pretty simple. The technique helps you keep ... [continue]

Watch-first design

When smartphones started to take off, we embraced responsive design. Then came mobile-first design. More than a tactic, it was a way of thinking – with less space, you ... [continue]

Will the Golden Age of Uber stay golden?

Uber’s getting a lot of love lately here in Toronto. Not without its share of hate, the love outweighs it, and people are voting with their virtual wallets. Will ... [continue]


Hey, I know virtual reality is going to be super fun. It’s a futuristic thing to imagine being inside a video game (finally, am I right?). There’s also something ... [continue]

Be nice to Siri

AI. Robots. The Machines. Some people think they kill all humans, others say a utopian society, while most think somewhere in between or are just over there in Camp ... [continue]

Podcamp Halifax 2015: Won’t somebody please think of the user?!

Thanks everyone who came to my session at Podcamp Halifax (it’s a tough choice, I was tempted to go see Jeff White instead of my own talk). My goal ... [continue]

UX writing and the Tale of the Exploding Pizza

In a moment of hunger-induced laziness I turned to the Domino’s iPhone app. A large unlimited-topping pizza for $12.99? Sounds pretty good to me. I was hungry and dead ... [continue]