Tackling UX copy one lipsum at a time

Yesterday I wrote about taking a stab at something you weren’t sure about. I had in mind a UX and wireframe problem I was trying to solve, but it could ... [continue]

Making progress with assumptions

Working on some early-stage wireframes recently I came to a crossroad – choose to skip over some pieces where I don’t have full information yet, or make a couple ... [continue]

Watch-first design

When smartphones started to take off, we embraced responsive design. Then came mobile-first design. More than a tactic, it was a way of thinking – with less space, you ... [continue]

Podcamp Halifax 2015: Won’t somebody please think of the user?!

Thanks everyone who came to my session at Podcamp Halifax (it’s a tough choice, I was tempted to go see Jeff White instead of my own talk). My goal ... [continue]

UX writing and the Tale of the Exploding Pizza

In a moment of hunger-induced laziness I turned to the Domino’s iPhone app. A large unlimited-topping pizza for $12.99? Sounds pretty good to me. I was hungry and dead ... [continue]

10 awesome “About” pages that are probably better than yours

Your website's "About" page is probably more important than you think. Check out these examples and see what some companies have done that's a cut above most. ... [continue]

User experience trends in online forms

A few things I’ve noticed lately. These details are small, but whether it’s a usability improvement, or gives the user more confidence, it’s that much better of an experience. ... [continue]