Patterns of 10X content

April 6, 2016

I first head about 10X content from a great Moz article titled Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die. It means content that’s ten times better than the top result on Google. That’s how you’ll get to the top, “good” content isn’t going to cut it. Marketers make up BS words all the time, but I quite like this one. Together this notion of 10X content with “good content needs to die” does a great job of framing the issue and the opportunity.

Here’s a list of 75 examples of great/10X content, good for a look and some inspiration.

Some things I’ve noticed about 10X content:

  • Often it’s likely the effort of more than on person. It could involve research, copywriting, design, SEO expertise, custom development on the frowned (custom page layout) or backend (tools or calculators).
  • It is well designed – looks good, has good information architecture, visual hierarchy.
  • Probably not you’re able to achieve in a CMS by default (i.e. its not your average blog post).
  • And all this means it didn’t happen overnight.

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