Understanding your customers’ path to purchase

When people can get all the info they need online, salespeople often don’t get to talk to prospective customers until they’re closer to buying. This might not be so ... [continue]

#trending v1.1

What's trending in tech, food, and fashion? How about remarketing, tacos, and neps? I bet you haven't heard of at least one of these things ... [continue]

Crafty brewing: Is big brand craft-style beer actually a gateway beer?

Craft beer sales are growing steadily, and the big brewers are responding in a number of ways, including getting in the game with new product lines (think Keith’s Hop ... [continue]

CASL links and things you should know about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, aka CASL, is set to drop on July 1, 2014, so I’ve been reading up on it. I’ve done a bunch of homework and recently attended ... [continue]

Unlikely Like: #LetsTalkBums

What would a toilet paper company do on social media? At Podcamp 2013 I looked at Charmin on Facebook and I might have made a joke or two. At ... [continue]