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August 19, 2014

treding businessmen and fedora cats

What’s trending in tech, food, and fashion?

Retargeting/ remarketing

Retargeting/remarketing makes a lot of sense. The current trend is to remarket to the point of annoyance. Sometimes I see the same add so much I start to hate the company. Or they try and sell me something I’ve already bought. Get ahold of yourselves, advertisers.


trendy steam bun taco is trendy

Diner at Field Guide

For the benefit of humanity, they’re not exclusive to mexican joints any more. Pulled pork tacos, “fusion” tacos, fish tacos are especially trendy. Has to be on a soft corn tortilla (house made), unless of course, it’s on a steam bun.


Neps are little imperfections in fabric that add texture. They’re so cool that spell check hasn’t even heard of them yet. I’m in.

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