Unlikely Like: #LetsTalkBums

February 4, 2014

What would a toilet paper company do on social media?

At Podcamp 2013 I looked at Charmin on Facebook and I might have made a joke or two. At that time they were the king of the throne in the social media world of toilet paper, so when I saw Cottonelle’s #LetsTalkBums hashtag I couldn’t wait to rip in.

#LetsTalkBums twitter

I don’t know where you come form Bobblehead Dad but you gotta be careful taking videos in the bathroom.

Anyway, it turns out Cottonelle has a whole campaign on the go.

They bought stories on both Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. A bunch of pictures of things that look like butts on Buzzfeed, and some bathroom-related tips on HuffPo. Fairly typical content marketing. The butt pics speak for themselves.

So there you have it. Content and social media marketing in the toilet paper industry. I just buy whatever’s on sale, nevertheless, I’ll be sure to pick up a fresh pack of bums on my next trip to the store. #marketingworks



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