Tackling UX copy one lipsum at a time

April 8, 2016

Yesterday I wrote about taking a stab at something you weren’t sure about. I had in mind a UX and wireframe problem I was trying to solve, but it could be applied more broadly.

This is more specific about wireframes and using lorum ipsum as placeholder text. One of two things are likely to happen:

  1. Client: “What’s this latin writing?”.
  2. Nothing, the client skims over it and doesn’t think about it.

Instead, take a stab at it. Come up with that heading or that hero message or call to action. Writing is an important part of UX, from the core content itself to labels and notifications and error messages.

  1. “I like that” (not super likely).
  2. “That’s not right”.

Even though it’s far from final, it shows intention and more than that, nudges people to think about it sooner rather than later. You’ll be more on track compared to lipsum.

This article on what they’re calling proto-content (now I call it that too) goes into more detail on the level or fidelity of this content and how to get in there, so I won’t repeat it.

Nobody likes wireframes, everyone’s eager to see the visuals pop, but the wireframe is a necessary step. You should probably make them as a prototype using something like InVision to make them that much more real. The closer you can get to the real thing the better.

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