You can go twice as high: factors that influence donations

Us Canadians donated $10.6 million in 2010, about the same as 2007. That’s $445 per person out of all who donated, with an average donation of $116. Not too ... [continue]

CASL links and things you should know about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, aka CASL, is set to drop on July 1, 2014, so I’ve been reading up on it. I’ve done a bunch of homework and recently attended ... [continue]

Track PDF downloads with Google Tag Manager

Tracking PDF downloads is one way to measure conversions, or at least micro-conversions, that identify interest on your website. I’ve tried other methods’ I’ve fond on blogs with no ... [continue]

Easily debug Google Tag Manager auto-event tracking

If you’re a self-taught analytics geek like me, you jumped in to Google Tag Manager for the auto-event tracking and have had somewhere between one and one thousand problems, ... [continue]

4 ways to capture your content ideas on the go

You’re walking down the street and have a great idea or some thoughts you like to get down for a blog post. It’s so good you think, “there’s no ... [continue]

Time-saving macro shortcut for Google Tag Manager

Save your Google Analytics ID as a macro of  in Google Tag Manager to save time with setting up new tags. Create a new macro named whatever you want, I ... [continue]

9 tips to make your tweets work harder

Want to get better results from the tweets you’re already sending? Thinking about a few things and knowing about your options can get better results without much extra work. ... [continue]

Unlikely Like: #LetsTalkBums

What would a toilet paper company do on social media? At Podcamp 2013 I looked at Charmin on Facebook and I might have made a joke or two. At ... [continue]

Thank you The Hub

News recently broke that the Hub – co-working office space in downtown Halifax – is closing (mostly). But, it will live in a new iteration with some core members ... [continue]

Unlikely Likes 2: Social Media’s not just for Toilet Paper Companies Anymore [slidecast]

This year at Podcmap I hosted a session called Unlikely Likes 2: Social Media’s not just for Toilet Paper Companies Anymore, where I talked about some weird, lame, and interesting ... [continue]