#trending v1.2

September 2, 2014

trending v1.2

This month: glitch out your microgreens in anchor print, yo. Here’s what’s trending in tech, food, and fashion.


You know when your electronics malfunction or a wire comes loose and screens go all crazy? Well, it’s cool to reproduce that effect on purpose now, and is called glitching or glitch art. I first heard of this previewing the Glitch Wizard iPhone app, which officially launched today folks. I can’t explain why, but I kind of love it.


Microgreens are, well, just what they sound like. Greens like arugula, spinach, beets, peas (one of my favs), and herbs are harvested after just 7-14 days, while they’re still shoots. They look totes adorbs, but are also packed with flavour and highly concentrated in nutrients, five or more times their larger siblings.


trendy anchor print socks

Ian’s sock collection

Prints are totally in, and among these, everyone’s getting in on the nautical trend with anchors. From shirts to shorts to socks, like the spiffy pair you see here from my collection. They go over especially well with nautical-related clients.

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