Website v3

May 4, 2013

I made half a blog last winter and I finally got off my ass (or on my ass?) and got it online. Formerly a Tumblr, and a photo site before that, this one’s built from scratch with the hottest buzzwords including HTML5, CSS3, media queries, WordPress, and Instagram.

You can even social media! And I hope you do.

Why Tumblr to WordPress?

I’ve spent a lot of time with WordPress and I like it well enough. I just wanted more control and a place to play around with some stuff (plus I find editing Tumblr themes a pain in the ass). A lot of Tumblr blogs are used for curating content rather than just creating your own, and I feel that’s how a lot of visitors think about them. I may keep a tumblog going for that reason – Tumblr¬†is¬†pretty cool.

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